About Us

- Mahaseel Alkair started in 2022 as a secondary market advisory company in Canada and United Arab Emirates (Dubai).
- We take pride in presenting top- tier food products and specialize in showcasing the finest ones.
- Our commodity trading operations expanded to all continents of the world while being internationally recognized for our credibility in the market, consistent delivery and best trading strategies.
- We expanded the business to cover multiple asset classes and grew globally. Then we became an investment company that trades in commodities and manages assets.
- In Mahaseel Alkhair we plan our trade; trade our plan and keep our target as per our development department.

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Our Services

- Production, wholesale and retail purchase, sale, distribution, import and export of all kinds of foodstuffs.
- Open and operate the sales stores necessary for the purpose of wholesale and retail sales of all kinds of hot, cold, frozen, dried and concentrated nutrients that have an important effect on people's nutrition and are the subject of the food sector.
- Manufacture, wholesale and retail trade, distribution, import and export of all kinds of baby foods.
- All kinds of calves, cattle, sheep, lambs and Brazilian commodity sugar. 



P. O. Box: 444124, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

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